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Grape Dream Candle

Natural, cruelty free/vegan grape smelling candle that will enlighten your home in a healthy, positive way!

Grape Dream Candle

Price: €25.00

Handmade by young couple in NE Slovenia under name SVICHKA these grape smelling candles are fair trade, vegan, healthy and made with love with a long family tradition of candle making. Read their story below - for more info email them at

Grape Dream candle burning time is about 40 hours but should not burn longer than 3 hours at the time.

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10 cm x 9 cm - 4” x 3.5”

- 100% natural non GMO soy wax
- cotton wick (free from zinc & lead)
- RECYCLED glass bottle (use to be a wine bottle)

Ships in 2 work days.
For any additional questions please emails us: 
5 – 10 days to the USA
2 – 5 days within EU
Faster shipping possible upon inquiry.

SVICHKA candles come from the region of Prlekija - Slovenia, a well hidden gem, where Martina and Aleš live and create. They are living the candle-making lifestyle in a completely modern way - ethical, nature and animals friendly. In their case, the passion for candles was ignited by their grandfather. Their grandfather designed the company which they took over at the age of 21 and embraced it with open hands and heart. Aleš and Martina experience candles as objects with extraordinary symbolic power that bring the light, warmth and beauty into our lives. They lighten the mood, give comfort in sadness and create a romantic atmosphere. SVICHKA candles are youthful, aromatic and made from soy wax.

In the GRAPE DREAM SVICHKA wine candles these dimensions are further elevated by the element of recycling. The recycled and redesigned wine bottles tell the story of identity, allurement, noble light, simplicity, genuineness and time. Our time, which should be appreciated and experienced in its fullness. The quality of life is not measured in the amount of wine we drink or in the number of candles we light, but  it is measured in the fullness of the moments and memories we make with our loved ones and family.
Each time we light up  SVICHKA candles the same warm feeling will come over us and invoke these beautiful memories again and again… 

The old wine bottle has been recycled into GRAPE DREAM SVICHKA. Where else could wine bottles be used in such a completely unexpected way? The GRAPE DREAM SVICHKA candles are created in the Prlekija region, Slovenia, renowned for its fantastic geographical location which bears premium wines. This is also the place where Martina and Aleš  live and create. 

In the GRAPE DREAM SVICHKA candles youthfulness, aroma and soy wax are elevated with the dimension of ethical and natural touch. The improved and recycled wine bottles tell the story of identity, allurement and time. Our time, which should be appreciated and experienced in its fullness.

The sweet grape scent perfectly suits the GRAPE DREAM candles. It endows them with freshness and pays a homage to their previous purpose. Apple with cinnamon will charm you throughout the year with its genuine scent of Christmas celebrations and family gatherings.